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another surprising romantic tale!

Picture this: two consultants walking down the hall. The man is tall and slim, close-cropped hair and glasses that are neither horrendous or particularly stylish. The woman is a lot shorter, unstyled hair in a scrunchie (!), wearing a backpack and a white coat (!!) (no qualified doctor wears a white coat here, it's an American thing. We think it's WEIRD). This is the story of their romance.

He was a reg, she was an intern. Everyone thought she was nerdy, and in a bunch of doctors, that is saying something. Then, as now, she wore a backpack and carried highlighters to use when making notes in the chart. (By all accounts, she highlights really important words like 'and'.) No makeup, clothes that might have been chosen by her blind mother in 1984. (Not that he's much better, as he wears a fleece sweater under his suit jacket, but still. SCRUNCHIES.)

One day he receives a consult from her - a consult being an internal letter written from one team (like Neurology) to another (like Cardiology) asking them to see a patient with a problem dealt with by the other speciality. Instead of 'dear cardiology, thank you for seeing this eighty-five year old lady with multiple co-morbidities', he finds a love letter from her, asking him to ask her out.

He's a cool dude and she is ... not. All his friends start to josh him about it, until he pipes up and says, "But I really, really like her."

Even now, I don't get it. There may be more to life, and love, than looks, but that's a bit like pointing out that the Pope took a vow of poverty when he was ordained. Just how far can a good - not a great, not a witty, not a dazzling - personality take you, exactly?!

Also, MISFITS! Relatedly - because no one on it, with the exception of Robert Sheehan, is actually good looking. (You can try and tell me Alisha is beautiful all you want, I can see her. She is supremely average.) Yet they fall in love and lust. I remember one scene where something thinks Kelly is beautiful and I just went, "Whoa, I'm kind of hard on myself." (On the other hand, no one has ever told me I'm beautiful. Maybe I should pay someone to. Clear up the issues a bit or something.)

Seriously, though, SHOW ME THE MONEY FIC!

(Also, my current music. I always thought that was my favourite love song, but it turns out it's a song about me. If I ever got married, like in an alternate universe, I'd probably play this walking down the aisle. Just so he couldn't say I didn't warn him.)
Tags: a season in hell, just don't trip over the furniture
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