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'Love and Other Drugs' highlighted, yet again, how weird the US health system is compared to socialised medicine. Here, we let drug reps give us BILLIONS of pens and also, sandwiches. I still prescribe generic at least 80% of the time, and the only reason I ever chart brands is if the patient just knows that name and I'm too lazy to Mims it. Seriously - it's not like eating an Aricept sandwich is going to help me remember what it even is when the time comes to use it. (... What is it?) My current pen pimps Invelon. NO IDEA.

I would have really enjoyed a film that was all about Pfizer and drug reps - a bit like The Social Network made a movie about a jumped-up forum interesting. I don't know if I liked the love story element - signs point to no - but if not, it's because it deserved more time and script-writing effort devoted to it, instead of being shanghied into an entirely different story.

A.Hath could really have done with a bit more research into her role ... that is not what a pill-rolling tremor looks like, yo.

I plan to watch Never Let Me Go tonight, solely for Andrew Garfield, despite my deeply-rooted and essentially nonsensical dislike of Carey Mulligan. I think mainly I get annoyed at actors who look like they're not having fun with their lives. If you're a good actor, it's not something you have to work really hard at, and the pay-off is huge. At least smile sometimes, you know?
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