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Unpleasant moment(s; far too many s) of revelation were induced by a certain turn of events at work, to wit: refusal of my hospital to pay overtime to doctors. To put this in perspective, they have decided to pay us for a 39 hour week, which I think is roughly equivalent to 9-5? Which would be fine, only in one of the weeks I submitted for overtime last month, I worked 90 hours, and the rest were 60. Yadda yadda, our union is on it, we will possibly get this paid in a year or two provided we photocopy the relevant documentation, but of course the country (slash world) is in recession and they possibly can't afford to pay us. Charming bullying tactics have been employed by the consultants and effective stalling techniques by the salaries department that pretty much ensure we will be writing down just 39 hours regardless of what we actually work.

Generally the atmosphere is pretty poisonous and people are angry, BUT. I asked my friends if, given the situation, they would prefer to do something else. And the answer was no. Their issue is not with the job, just the employers. Whereas for me, I realised that the thing I like most about my job is opening the overtime pay cheque every month. For me, this job isn't worth it when the pay versus the hours evens out to roughly two euro above minimum wage. I always said I was doing it for the money, and that was really brought home to me this week. It's not that the base pay is pitiful by any means, I just don't think it's worth it for five years of study and such high levels of responsibility and HOURS, DID I MENTION THE HOURS?

Every month or so, it is true, I get attacks of the doldrums and go looking up jobs.ie and university websites, but this escapism has taken on a sharp edge now. If it came to getting another job, I have no qualifications and am not exactly competitive in an ever-tightening job market. If it came to applying for, idek, a Masters type thing or a DPhil, I have no research background and no academic nous. I just feel like I'm whipping my head around (and my hair back and forth, naturally), frantically looking for some way out, and finding that all routes are barred to me. I mean, I don't even think I could get a job as a waitress. I'd probably have to move back home and ... oh, whatever, happiness isn't a prerequisite of life after all.
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