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I know librarians, like bookshop clerks, have way more to do than sit around reading all the books on the premises. However, you cannot deny that librarians get to be quiet. Libraries have a 'No Talking' rule. My working life consists of people endless dictating to me, ordering me about, asking me insane or pointless questions, and generally expecting me to amuse or inform them. (You're funny for other people's sake. In a vacuum, that effort is not required.) Oh, I would enjoy a job that entails very little conversation.

(I would also like to catch that plane I can see out of the library window. I would like to have saved more, instead of spending so much on a frenzy of miserable defiance - 'my life may be shit, but I can buy five dresses from Warehouse in one go!' My friend managed to save 16,000 euro in eight months. If I'd done that I wouldn't need to work next year. SELF, YOU SUCK.)

Is it just me, and my miasma of overwhelming self-pity, or has the blogosphere become quieter of late? My flist seems to have veered away from fannish content, and even people who posted about personal stuff don't, so much. I know I have about six or seven books to review but, idk, I'm not sure this is the right forum any more, or if it's worthwhile.

On a lighter note - has everyone seen that picture of James Franco NAPPING WITH KITTENS? Stupid work computer won't let me save pics, but google 'James Franco NAPPING WITH KITTENS'. Your life, it will be enriched.
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