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God, you guys, all this chat about old HP BNFs and stuff has stirred up so much nostalgia for me. I remember a time when my biggest, no lie, ambition in life was to have a friendslist of over 500 people. And ... I really have no idea why. Safety in numbers, maybe? I know that, by the time I achieved it, I'd lost all interest in it as an ambition. Which is a little sad, really.

Right now I just want to be less tired so that I can write. I try to write in work, but they will insist on making me, y'know, work. And while I actually got to sleep on call this weekend, it doesn't change the fact that I spent 26 consecutive hours at work, which in turn deletes 26 hours from my free time that I could have spent writing (or faffing about getting into the mood to write, whatever). I just vant to be ALONE, okay?!

Additionally, the 3000 words I produced at work on Friday turned out to be ABSOLUTELY USELESS, which either proves that I'm getting more alert to when I'm writing myself into a dead end or that I shouldn't write at work.
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