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questionless answers

I have been reading a lot of feminist work lately, like Feministe and Tiger Beatdown, and while I've always called myself a feminist I wasn't always a well-informed one. This helps. I also wonder if I can be a feminist whilst believing no one could love me the way I look. I've been trying to objectively study my face without makeup and I don't like it, but I am trying.

Relatedly? I will never see Water for Elephants because the trailer keeps showing RPattz saying the line, "You are beautiful. You deserve a beautiful life." So ... ugly people deserve an ugly life, plain people a plain one? Yeaaaaah, no thanks.

Can The Eagle actually be read as anything other than a gay romance? There are no women in this movie, but it equally makes no effort to insert a Token Love Interest, and the subtext seems to suggest that the two battlin' men would have more common with each other than some fightless woman anyway. Which, I'd rather not have my gay romances through the medium of annhilating women from existence, but perhaps the film's creators thought they were only producing a sword 'n' sandals epic anyway.

Prada to Nada was a terrible and lazy adaptation of Sense and Sensibility. I also don't see why Edward Ferrars couldn't have been Latino, but maybe they felt it needed a white-guy tie-in to be generally acceptable? Which is awful all by itself.

Some serious work crazy has meant I have only read four - four! - new books of late. I keep re-reading out of a desperate search for comfort. It's amazing how little my life is when you strip away the few things that might make it meaningful. In the meantime, I'll be over here with my Austen.
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