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05 October 2011 @ 12:23 am
yum yum  
Man, I have got to start going to the cinema more. Downloading is sure convenient and all, but I'm so glad I watched Drive on the big screen. There's just a point to it that would have been lost if I was watching it sideways with my laptop propped up at a funky angle.

Short conclusion: Ryan Gosling should have my babies.

I am trying to be more film-literate and notice shots and things, but all I noticed was that the lighting was good - when they kissed they glowed! It was like Stardust! - and there were a lot of panty-shot angles. (You know, the ones they use in manga to look up skirts, only this time it was under people's chins, because I guess this is dramatic and stuff.) The music was INCREDIBLE. There's nothing I hate more than when music is employed poorly, unless it's films where the trailer has better musical editing than the film COUGHONEDAYCOUGH. I'm going to have the credit/theme song in my head for days.

Scenes I particularly liked: when Producer Mafia Dude goes to the Car Jacker Dude and YOU KNOW he's gonna make him super dead but you don't know how, and all he ends up doing is slitting his artery. (Which puzzled me just a little; carotid, yes, gone in sixty seconds, but with the radial you'd have time to dial 999 or compress it or something. But that wasn't the point; it was so understated after the breathtaking buildup.) Also at the end where Driver/Kid is sitting in the car all bloody with his eyes closed and THEN HE BLINKS OMG THE CINEMA LET OUT A COLLECTIVE SIGH OF RELIEF.

My mother said afterwards that Driver was a criminal who thought he wasn't a criminal. I agree - what was the spiel about 'I don't carry a gun' except rationalising his criminality? You could see the exact point where his presentation to the audience changed - when he put on his gloves to slap Christina Hendricks' character. Mercutio's 'tomorrow you will find me a grave man' was always taught to me as the pivot upon which Romeo and Juliet spun from comedy to tragedy; this was Drive's pivot from grotty romance to gory crime noir.

The gore was excellently well done. If you're going to have gore, do it well, and remind the audience there's still something to be shocked about.

Carey Mulligan failed totally for me in this. (Poor Carey. I don't have a hate-on for her, just every character I've ever seen her play.) I know the director wanted this to be about the protection of innocence, but I can't see a girl - and she is a girl, not a woman - like Carey, who practically radiates purity, hooking up with a bruiser like Standard in the first place. I can't see her in a crime world at all, she's got no edge to her, not like Christina Hendricks, who stole the show.

Ironically, I was disappointed that this was adapted from a book. Time was film adaptations of books were rarer than hens' teeth - I remember getting crazy excited about Matilda - but now it seems like every film that's not a remake is an adaptation. Granted this was more like a piece of art, but still.
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sunsetmog on October 5th, 2011 05:58 am (UTC)
The lighting in that film was the most beautiful I've seen in forever.
every Starbucks should have a polar bearscoradh on October 6th, 2011 10:31 pm (UTC)
I keep thinking about it. I went to see Crazy Stupid Love just for R.Gos and it was shite, but I actually want to see Drive again. In the cinema, with the LOUD LOUD sound and cars the size of my FACE.