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I say staircases, for there are several...

A girl from the School of Music in Cork did all the harp-playing for the LotR soundtracks. It was in the Independant. And my parents say I don't read the newspapers!

(...actually, they're right, I don't. I just look at the pictures and, on the odd occasion, the captions.)

I left them just now arguing over a survey of married couples, in which it was stated that married couples are at their happiest before they have children (surprise, surprise).

MUM: Was it a closed bias survey? How many people were involved? Probably ten.

DAD: Eighteen thousand.

MUM: You made that up!

ME: QED. *flees*

Watched Anna in Wonderland last night. (You know, the Irish lesbian ex-nun from some one of the Big Brothers?) I only mention this because she was investigating 'vampires'. I was intrigued enough to watch, even though they all looked like nutters on the ads and that is what, in fact, they were. But the show's whole creditability was shot when she interviewed the first 'vampire', whose name was - get this - Lucius Malfoy Lestat. (Anna has clearly not read either JK or Rice, because she didn't fall over in great spasms of mocking laughter at this, as I did.) Oo-ho, lads, we've had it wrong all along! Forget Snape, we should have looked to the MALFOYS for the vampire genes! (As opposed to Draco's jeans...oops. My bad.)

It was just a pity she (and yes, this vampire was a she) was not called Severus Snape Lestat. That would have made my year.


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