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I just returned from three days of obligatory 'professional development' in Dublin. I was going to use 'hellish' before 'obligatory' but in fact, I think this is what purgatory is like: building paper houses, fighting over the five biscuits, and discovering my conflict management persona. All the time I really missed my new fandom. It's come at a conveniently flaily point in my life, to the extent that I brought up One Direction with EVERYONE at this course: people I'd just met, the lecturer in resilience training (who thought I was referring to a new digression in Jungian theory OH LOL), and my long-suffering friend Shane, who tiredly despises hipsters and all hipster-adjacent things. It didn't help that it was Bloomsday and we couldn't figure out if the people wandering around in period costume were pretentious assholes pretending they'd read Joyce, or painfully cool dudes who like dressing in pseudo-period clothes. (For the record, I love hipsters. I'd be a hipster, only I'm not hipster enough.)

The fact is you can't really help people whose job entails accidentally hurting and killing other people. Bless their hearts, they tried, though. I liked this breakdown of self esteem (how you feel about yourself), self confidence (your physical traits eg posture and voice) and self-concept (your impact on the world). The lecturer used an anecdote of a gay man who came out to his family and their response was, "We know." He found this extremely distressing because his self-concept was shattered by the realisation that what he'd thought was secret wasn't, really. In coming-out stories the 'we know' response is always portrayed as sweet and a relief, so I thought that was interesting. It also made me think (SURPRISE) about One Direction and the weirdly deep investment a lot of people have in them being TOTES GAY OMG YES NO TAKE BACKS. Something about how their self-concept is 'being straight' and changing that would be very traumatic, and how uncomfortable it must be to have people assuming the wrong thing about their self-concept. OR SOMETHING.

I also ended up watching recaps of Britain's Got Talent with my Terrible Relatives just because Simon Cowell was in it and he's connected with One Direction. I find Simon Cowell fascinating. In a world of posturing and artifice he seems to have built a career on honesty. I want to use a seems legit joke here.

And now to fritter away some time reading squee posts and fic by other people. Lurking is great fun on this side of Harry Potter (mind you, I thought I was a lurker in bandom and look how THAT turned out). I especially appreciate the photo commentaries. I'd try my hand at one if I wasn't so long in the tooth.
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