every Starbucks should have a polar bear (scoradh) wrote,
every Starbucks should have a polar bear

revenue can bite me

I love how One Direction fandom is slowly drawing all the old bandomers out of retirement ... I suppose none of us had far to go in terms of RPF fandom. I don't remember bandom being this insane? Maybe because we saved the best crazy for ourselves and didn't dish it out to the poor unsuspecting band members. (Band members, hur hur.)

Now that I am actively using this lj again instead of just skimming my flist, WOW, has the basic style ever got ugly. Can anyone explain why, when I go to leave a comment, I see the comment box plus a check-box for EVERY SINGLE ONE of my 200+ icons? It makes scrolling and navigation exceptionally tiresome. Make it go away, someone. And the font ... does not get better with time. Nor does the fact that they deleted the margins. What's with the margin-hate, seriously. MARGINS NEED LOVE TOO PEOPLE.

Does anyone have good podcast recs? I've spent the day listening to the Guardian on books while painting, and ended up with non-water-based gloss all over my phone. I do not think these things are unrelated. Is the general contempt for Guardian readers based on how effing pretentious it is? Please, spare me from this tomorrow. I have seventeen more architraves to paint and I've already listened to all the Ferretbrain ones.

In conclusion, Zayn, what are you ACTUALLY DOING. (Answers no less than 500 words.)
Tags: 1d to hell, random cat is random

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