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Speechlessly, they babbled

You know what? Art college is just so tremendously exciting and wonderful and amazing that I really think I'm hallucinating and describing somewhere else entirely.

Actually, that's what I am doing.

URG! I hate landscape! I loathe it with an abiding passion and detest it with the fire of a thousand suns and I have to do it for five weeks! At least some light relief was provided by hearing try (note: 'try'. Like, who doesn't know that things far away are smaller? Or something) Ray teaching us perspective with the aid of a picture of 'cews' in a field. Such a strange, hairy little man he is.

During a lecture on Dadaism, which I obviously did not listen to (two words: Marcel Duchamp. One word: urinal. That says it all, really), I noticed something on our handout concerning what found objects one is supposed to, as a serious artist, use in one's work - buttons and trash and things. (Oh joy everlasting, we are to paw through skips and rubbish bins as part of our 'urban landscape research'. KILL. ME.). Ray mentioned that using a found object as art work is like bringing a chair back from the moon.

RAY:...because you see, no one would ever sit on it again; as an artwork it has transcended itself.

ME: Why would there be chairs on the moon? They wouldn't stick. There's no gravity. They would float out to deep space. Please tell me he's talking about deep space.

MARY: This is Ray.


MARY: That's all.

RAY: *rambles on. and on. and on*

ME: I get it!...It was the man in the moon's chair, right?

MARY: I can't believe they stole his chair!

Also I got a distinction for my last project, which amused me exceedingly. It was a piece of crap - sorry, a scuplture, made out of bendy wire and twine with a few glass beads stuck on. My research consisted of some mixed media in which PVA glue and spray-paint featured heavily.

And to think this time last year I was studying for fourteen hours a weekend, and three every weekday. How have the mighty fallen...

(Oh, and minnow_53? I promise to read your fics at the weekend, but landscape has stolen my brain for the week and I would be an even worse than useless reviewer right now.)

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