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Handcuffed to the bed, the aunt thirsted

I have been inspired; to wit, by this anonymous meme that has everyone talking, and anonymicing. Not to actively participate, though, because I've always been so - so me, in that I expect people to accept me as I am and if you don't like it, bugger off, because you're a loser (and I'll never let you see me cry, anyway).

So, in the name of greater lj openess (which, in a forum that is basically anonymous, is verging on paradoxical and probably pointless, but hey!) I hereby devote this post to expounding a few of my personal opinions. You can agree, disagree, venture your own, or ignore, but mountains moving wouldn't stop me doing something I want to do.

Disclaimer: Hey homies, these are my opinions only.

On religion, I'm an atheist at heart. However, the Catholic church never ever lets you go; even when you're excommunicated (which I would greatly like to be), you're still deemed a Catholic, if a lapsed one. I retaliate by using 'gods' instead of God, as well as the non-denominational chronology of CE (Common Era) and BCE (Before Common Era) instead of AD and BC. Why? I think the world is too complicated and human knowledge too limited for there to be a god, or if there is one, for us to be capable of understanding it. As for my more particular hatred of the Catholic Church, one look at its preachings was enough for me. In addition, only consider the sexual abuse, the centuries of repression, the waste of perfectly good lives in martyrdom and holy orders, and it being the cause of the AIDs crisis in Africa, where the brainwashed people believed when priests said that condoms are of the devil.

On politics, I'm apathetic. I also think 'politician' is a synonym for 'criminal'. I don't vote, and probably never will.

I'm completely cynical about human nature. I think there is no bottom to which the depths of the squalid, horrid human soul can reach, and I believe that everyone is instrisically evil, and that it only takes circumstance, nothing else, to bring it out.

At the same time, I have deep faith in the greatness of humanity.

Once I discovered the fandom, I was bruised by its clique-yness. I do think it's very easy for people to rage against the BNFs who ignore them or whatever, and I can understand where they're coming from. I can also see the BNFs' POV; and they have a right as much as the rest of us to make their flist out of who they want.

I think ivyblossom is the nicest of the BNFs I've read, and I think most of them have interesting journals. So do a lot of other people.

I ship nearly every ship going, except for the UTTERLY HATEFUL, POINTLESS AND BORING Harry/Hermione; and I don't think I could stand Sirius/Lily, because of everyone they'd have to betray canonically. I also read porn, and while most of it is utter crap, some of it transcends smut and is, quite simply, beautiful, in all its tawdry glory.

I think the fandom's a great place, but I wouldn't want to live there.

For me, infidelity is unforgivable.

I don't have a lot of morals, but I don't think you should ever force someone to do something they don't want to do. If all of society could grasp that idea, there might be a lot less rape, murder, peer pressure, bullying and crimes against humanity.

Or maybe not. I'm easy.

From personal experience, I consider narrow-minded the tarring of a whole nation with one brush. If you can't think of a better insult than 'Go back where you came from!', you should just bloody well shut up. Or buy a book of insults, they sell anything nowadays. In addition, unless you know EVERY SINGLE PERSON inhabiting a particular country or region, and from your interaction with them, and based on sound, real reasons,you hate all of them, you have no basis whatsoever for racism. Similiarly, having one bad experience with someone of a certain nationality is not an excuse for dissing the entire population. That's pathetic. After all, it's not where you're from that counts; it's where you are right now.

It's pretty lame, I'll admit, but when people ask me what nationality I am, I'd like to tell them I'm a citizen of Earth.(They usually expect me to say 'English', although no English person in existance speaks with such a mongrel accent, I'm sure.) I've never felt a strong nationalistic urge about Ireland or Australia, much to the annoyance of certain of my Irish friends. Yes, Aoife, I still think there's no point in dying for a stretch of dirt. Living for your country is imminently more sensible, if harder. What did Bismarck say? 'Poland is not worth the bones of one Pomeranian soldier'? (I don't think it's Poland...) Like Captain Carrot, my greatest daydream for our planet is a world without borders, without nations, and without that bileful, useless, destructive emotion, 'patriotism'.

I think anything is a better alternative to war.

I have eclectic musical tastes. Although most of my albums are either pseudo-pop or indie rock, I am perfectly willing to listen to anything and like anything, regardless of genre.I also discovered today that I am the only person in my class who can listen to Smells Like Teen Spirit seven times in a row and like it. (Yay for tsunami Radiothons!)

I battle daily against the human tendency to put everything into little boxes.

I don't think there's such a thing as heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, asexual (contrasexual, trysexual, pansexual...). I just call all these things 'being human'.

I have no idea why men aren't allowed to marry men, or women women. The only question that should be up for debate concerning that is how you pick last names...and not even then. I have no problem with same-sex couples adopting babies, or, if they are women, bringing up their own babies. Considering what some kids go through, all you require is (at least at the base of all the squabbles and nagging and bad blood) parents who love, cherish and support you.

I agree with Terry Pratchett when he says 'I think humans are intelligent enough to be lonely'. That's why we invented myths, and religion, and fairy folk, and schools for wizards, and television.

I think the world is more flawed than a very flawed thing, but I love it still.

And I have to go now because I am so not typing any more of this crap while there's someone on the public computer next to me, particuarly when he is Japanese and would not only be able to read this but translate it into another alphabet. I don't like feeling less skilled than anyone because I have a superiority complex...

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