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The lj maintenance people are my new idols

Today, I practised the noble art of blagging to make up an essay on graphic design, as I am meant to be going on work experience in, oh , February. Not that I have any organised yet, or indeed know the first thing about graphic design. My bibliography is full of websites I didn't even bother looking at...oh, who am I kidding? I spent half an hour on it and spent the rest of my time proofreading fics. My work ethic has gone completely down the toilet.

Actually, in choosing a graphic designer, I came across something cool. I picked the Stone Twins, as they are the only ones I've ever heard of. If you are not stringently religious, and wouldn't mind having a good old laugh at the Pope's expense, take a gander at this - the RC Church's new corporate identity manual!!


(It's in 'Projects' under 'The Church', if that link won't bring it up.)

After a weekend spent bending poor oldcoralia13's ear by email, I've come to a decision on uni. </span>


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