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27 January 2005 @ 09:04 pm
Rabbit Hole Day!  

Supposed to be writing something wildly Looking-Glass-esque, I know, but hell, I have to dress up as a playing card for the Paddy's Day parade in Cork  (it was all bloody Sharon's idea, just because she wanted to be Alice and imitate Gwen Stefani for a day) so that's enough. Otherwise, I offer you something far more freaky than alternate realities and obese rabbits with lateness-complexes...an insight into my mind. And what I think of ye.

Or, like, the friends-list meme. Ganked fromcatsmeat, because he can't actually stop me, you know?</span>

1. Has the best username - cynicalpirate,</span>anyotherknight and  snarkophagus, because crazy compound words rock moles. </span>

gabbysun's is pleasantly orange.</span> 

3. Has the best colours - gabbysun, again.

4. Has the best icons -  cynicalpirate and gabbysun...

...henbock , for reasons she alone knows...

...catsmeat. The disturbingness gets hypnotic, as </span>coralia13 will attest.

5. Comments the most - coralia13. She can always be counted on and this is why I cherish her.

6. Is on all your friends' lists - *wails* I don't get this question!

7. Updates most frequently - prolly violet_quill. Never short of a smut, around here.</span>

8. Most interesting posts: cynicalpirate. (She must know I live for the BB. I've told her so...</span>

9. Most boring posts:


10. Posts the most wierd things - catsmeat

11. Posts the most amusing things - you all amuse me, or you wouldn't be here

12. Posts the most surveys - __whitedash? Everyone?

13.  Doesn't post often enough - cynicalpirate, goddammit. Or Draco, whatever.

14. Was first added as a friend -  mortifyd

15. Was last added as a friend -  anyotherknight

16. Has the coolest user info - cynicalpirate, because I'm in it...</span>

henbock, because I'm in it (it's ridiculously easy to earn my undying love, you see)...</span>

catsmeat (all that blind devotion? I'm not ruling out narcotics)...

...snarkophagus (you tell it like it is! Now, if only I knew what anthema meant...)

17. Has the best personality - gabbysun, a_leprechaun

18. Coolest hair: a_leprechaun!

19. Has the prettiest eyes -  henbock's eyes are grey. GREY!</span>

21. Have never met in real life: Everyone excepthenbock

22. Is one of your closest friends - coralia13 for the fandom ,henbock for RL

23. Has the best taste in music - cynicalpirate and  catsmeatgabbysun, props for the classical stuff!</span>

24. Most artistic - gabbysun,  chowburger

25. Is the most photogenic - catsmeat . Hahaha.

26. Is the most intelligent - anyotherknight

27. The longest you've been without posting - a month

28. The longest you've been without reading - like, twelve hours? Damn college

29. Journal you enjoy reading the most - pottersues. Superiority complex boost ahoy!

30.  Is the sweetest -  gabbysun

31. Is the sexiest - you don't want to know what I base this on, rest assured it is very bad

32. Is a girl/guy magnet - I don't know anyone who attracts hermaphrodites

33. Is the most popular -  spectacular, I imagine</span>

35. Know the best - henbock

36. Been a girlfriend/boyfriend to any - well, I'm going marrying gabbysun and cynicalpirate.

...although not, obviously, at the same time.

That count?

37. Which one you would go out with - Anyone who brings vodka. Oh, as a boyfriend? Anyone who brings vodka.

38. Is the oldest -  mortifyd

39. Is the youngest - gabbysun

40. Is the best runner -  henbock . And when I buy you that bazooka, you'll be the best PE teacher in the world!

41. Who do you talk to most online - physical impossibility, that

42. Most like you - everyone who understands the whole VITAL NEED FOR SLASH FANFICTION. Other than that - something in common with me? You poor, poor fools.

43. Total opposite from you - Er, catsmeat,</span> mortifyd and snarkophagus , because they're boys? That's about as drastically opposite as it gets.

44. Is the most outgoing - in terms of what? I hate going outside, myself. Ew, nature.

45. Curses the most - snarkophagus

46. Is too naive - coralia13! *whispers* UL...SBP...H/J!!

47. Is the best dancer -  lanitha, of course!

48. Is the sluttiest - me? I'd do literally anything for reviews. Oh, and by that measure,  cynicalpirate , I guess. *winks*

49. Is most perverted - Define perversion.

50. Has the wierdest eating habits - iceetoile

51. Is always asking for comments - you can do that?!

52. Is the most helpful - coralia13, without a shadow of a doubt

53. Has the most friends - couldn't be arsed checking,  but I know from basically continuous reminding that  catsmeat has more than me, anyway.</span>

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Current Music: 'Tick Tock', Gwen Stefani
Minnowminnow_53 on January 28th, 2005 11:18 pm (UTC)
Oh, I was just joking! I reserve serious for fics. But I would like to be prettiest, of course.