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Nothing makes one so vain as being told that one is a sinner

So I borrowed U2's Beautiful Day album from Una to burn and thus save me precious manjeros. I have it on tape, but they're worse than obsolete in the era of iPods. Anyway, there must have been a hidden track, because The Ground Beneath Her Feet was sure as hell not on my tape.

Now I heard a rumour about a year ago that U2 were going to sing the lyrics Salman Rushdie wrote in the book The Ground Beneath Her Feet, but I never came across said song. Until now.

I'm disappointed, really. I thought the lyrics were amazing just written down, and it's one of my favourite books to boot. But U2 turned it into some nauseating hybrid of whiny rock and trance, and I don't like it. You can barely hear the lyrics, either. Not to mention that Bono's voice gets annoying at times (such as when one is listening to it). They really should have given the song to someone like Dido, or even Green Day. It had such potential...still, maybe someone else can cover it. I hope someone does.

In other news, I spent the day embroidering latex moulds of cobblestones and bubble wrap (again). O lovely Skin of the City project, crit of which is next week. I'd bet even money I'm the only one doing any work on it, though. I have to say, what I managed to make looks like pure and utter shite, but it's not the product so much as the process that matters. Sadly, even the humour element of latex (condoms!) was negated by the fact that the fumes from the liquid form were dire - take the top off your head, they would - and they gave everyone headaches all week. Which really brings the idea of suffering for your art to a really personal level.

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