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I was driving in Chicago, dropped acid and had to swerve to avoid the pyramids

Of books and weddings, because there's no mice and no pretty men

I caved and bought the first Princess Diaries. (I never go to the library. Other people? Touching books? And bending them and folding down pages and leaving them open because they can't be arsed to get a bookmark...GAH! That's sacrilege! Yeah, I have the UU Librarian's view on this; wanna make something of it?) How could I not, when cynicalpirate 's read it?

My reading is not, and has never been, of a particularly high calibre. I'd never have even got into fantasy if it weren't for the boy I fancied when I was eleven lending me The Hobbit; had to read it then, of course. (Most romantic thing that ever happened me, incidentally, and I've retained a preference for blue-eyed bastards ever since.) Yeah, the PD is funny. More so than the Nicola one and the Teen Idol one, because those characters were borderline Sues and Mia is just a freak.

Not enjoying Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell, though. The humour is so self-aware my mind refuses to find it humourous. In addition, I find the archaic spelling (surprize, shew, shoking?!) pretentious. It's readers who are supposed to be delusional, not writers. Hello, Mizz Clark? 'Tis the twenty-first century, yeah. Sorry to burst your bubble, there. Sheesh.

I'm delighted to see that Muriel's Wedding and Four Weddings and a Funeral will be on TV for our Valentinian delectation. I have no particular stance on that feastday (aside from wishing to remind everyone that it's for a saint who was tortured to death - I think), but I do love weddings! Which, like VD, are so girly that I have no idea how any boy worth his testosterone-boosted salt can stand either.

Speaking of weddings, I have decided where I want to go on my honeymoon - the Montreal Comedy Festival. (Stuck me as odd, though, that when they were inteviewing an American political satirist he said it was okay to mock the administration unless they were at war. At war! We walk around - or rather, Americans also walk around - listening to iPods, wearing Nike runners, discussing Big Brother or Pop Idol or whatever, and we can be at war. It's so ludicrious. Bloodless combat at it's best. Except for those America is war with. The mind. It boggles, and dies.) 

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