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You're terrible, Muriel

Just one question RE The Princess Diaries; why was the perfectly good plotline of the father having testicular cancer as a reason for Mia's ascension to the throne brutally scrapped in favour of his being dead? What kind of message is this sending male people? That death is preferable to loss of virility?! It's scandalous! (And don't try telling me boys don't watch this. Maybe after puberty they don't, but my brother borrowed the first film off one of the girls in his class and watched it three times consecutively one weekend. This may mean he is the transvestite I always thought he was, or it may not, but it backs up my point quite nicely.)

My father said to me today, 'Seeing as you're no longer Catholic, I guess you'll not be getting married in a church, then.' Hello and welcome to ten years later, male parental unit. I'm getting married in a yurt. Whatever that is. Also with foxes in tiaras.

I know that Eason's refuse to stock beyond volume two of any manga series just to make me want to set fire to my own hair in frustration. I KNOW this. And I have matches.

Lastly...you know the way some people say you should live everyday as if it's your first, or some such crap? Yeah, well, I walk around Cork sometimes and pretend I'm an American tourist. I have to say, if I was one I'd be frankly terrified. All these road-tearing-up-workers yelling 'Howyra boy?' and 'Whazz de story, like?' would be enough for anyone, not to mention these girls in jackets with fur-lined hoods and three-quarter length trousers and snow boots. The whole city should be arrested for gross crimes against fashion. (Myself included, for my part in propagating the whole 'Dragged Through A Hedge Backwards' Look.)

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