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Once more with feeling

*is killed ded*

I just suffered through an hour and a half of the musical black hole that is the Grammys to see Green Day perform. I also saw them get some award at some point (I had to channel-hop, you see, because I have a high regard for my aural passages and was not so keen on torturing them with a straight run of the - let's say it together - SHITE that's played on what's ostensibly a musical award programme. Hello? Los Angeles Boys or whatever? That's exactly it - whatever. Get off my TV, please, kthanxdie.)

Mmmm, Billie Joe Armstrong looks like Draco Malfoy with dark hair and eyeliner. And as far as I can judge, catsmeat was right - they do perform amazing live, unlike, eg, everyone else there. And I finally found out what their music is classified as - punk rock - by Quentin Tarantino, so nyah. And pyrotechnics, baby! Way. To. GO.

Nothing coherent is going to come out of my head for the rest of the night, I'm afraid.

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