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19 March 2005 @ 12:45 pm
I don't get it but I like it anyway  
I think I am in love with Kingsley Shacklebolt, and I think Going Postal may be my favourite Discworld so far even though I’ve only read sixty-four pages in two days in an effort to spin it out, and I think I just wrote my first decent piece of original fiction even though it mainly features bugs, and FA finally uploaded Sob Story at the exact same time as I posted it to Skyehawke. So now you get to choose your reading décor. I don’t envy you because that kind of decision would send me into meltdown. But there you have it, and thank you to all those who put up with my whingeing that it hadn’t uploaded and I’m sorry it won’t live up to the hype (in hindsight I shouldn’t have hyped it by mentioning it at all but this is Life). I want to dance around singing how horrible I am at all of this. Really, really bad, lads. So bad it feels good, tears of delirium is it? Angst written by a nineteen-year-old, is it weird that I’ve spend most of my time as an eighteen-year-old thinking I was still seventeen or already nineteen?

I think I am slightly hysterical.

Title: Sob Story
Rating: PG-13/M (M is more appropriate, I reckon)
Pairings: Harry/Draco, Hermione/Ron
Summary:The war is won, but the battle is only beginning. A reluctant Harry finds himself burdened with a broken Draco and charged with gluing him back together again. There's only one problem: the cracks will always show.

So much for my pretty links! Screw you, HTML.

- that's FA
- SH
The choice, ladies and possibly gennulman, is yours. Two links pour vous, imadra_blue. Why didn't I check? Because I am a first-class arse who keep making things rhyme. *is whiny-ful*

A funny thing - I managed to delete Snakes and Ladders from Skyehawke and was, literally, screaming at my computer before I went through the tedious process of putting it up again without losing the two reviews I’d got for’t - and my mother empathised! My mother, who doesn’t bat an eyelid if I run up to her bleeding and/or frothing from the mouth, who yawns when I detail my romantic trials, who falls asleep when I try to tell her my troubles - she actually asked me did I manage to retrieve what I’d lost (she knew I’d lost something because I was screaming ‘How the hell did I backspace? HOW? AND WHY? AND ALSO HOW?’).

Current Mood: nervoushysterical
Current Music: Uploading this nearly drove me to 'Violence', Blink 182
Jax: booimadra_blue on March 19th, 2005 05:16 am (UTC)
Hee! *runs away with link*

Your mum is cute. So are you. I'm going to kidnap you and put you in my menagerie until I'm bored and let you go. On the bright side, I'm a Gryffindor, I get bored easily, so you won't be in captivity very long.
every Starbucks should have a polar bearscoradh on March 20th, 2005 12:18 pm (UTC)
You give me enough books and I'll stay anywhere, trust me.
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Jax: lubin be afraidimadra_blue on March 19th, 2005 05:18 am (UTC)
Also, you're not going to like this, but your links won't work and there's some funny symbols where you're " ' " symbols should be. Hope it fixes soon.
every Starbucks should have a polar bearscoradh on March 20th, 2005 12:19 pm (UTC)

They're working now, anyhow, but are no longer pretty.
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Minnow: Planet iconminnow_53 on March 19th, 2005 05:57 am (UTC)
Just to reiterate the 'links won't work' complaint. Hope they'll be up soon.

Dead or Alive? Dead, I think, with a hangover like you wouldn't believe. God knows what I put for my password on Skyehawke, but this morning nothing I tried would work, and it had to changed. Panic. Astra's coming round later to help me actually get a story on to there! And beta my new one.

Can't wait to read Sob Story. Come to think of it, if the links won't work I can go straight to FA, can't I?

^_^ xx
Minnowminnow_53 on March 19th, 2005 06:05 am (UTC)
Hi, again. I've just read on another friend's post that uploading on FA has been dreadfully delayed for a few days (or more)because of an HTML problem, which is why Sob Story took so long.
(no subject) - scoradh on March 20th, 2005 12:21 pm (UTC) (Expand)
(no subject) - minnow_53 on March 20th, 2005 12:46 pm (UTC) (Expand)
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balfrog on March 19th, 2005 09:55 am (UTC)
Ran here after reading Sob Story (via imadra_blue's rec),
and o my... i've been itching for a well done 'spell'-relationship for such a while. (just read "Soft Spot for Lost Causes again, last night.)

I can't leave a coherent review yet (am rushing out a last scene myself)- but will this weekend. because it so deserves a pageful of "i love you's". because, well, this is the first H/D fic that just grabbed me by the heartstrings in the last few months (with such a huge fandom, I must be pretty jaded)!

and Going Postal?
very poor and avidly waiting paperback....because, you just can't pass up on discworld!
every Starbucks should have a polar bearscoradh on March 20th, 2005 12:22 pm (UTC)
Oh, don't worry about reviews. I mean - I love them, but they are not obligatory. Glad you liked it!

I really dig your icon too, 'though I don't recognise it.

I was going to wait for paperback too, but it was thirteen euro in Virgin! *loves Virgin*
(no subject) - balfrog on March 20th, 2005 12:28 pm (UTC) (Expand)
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Kat: sbrl kissingkyasuriin on March 19th, 2005 10:43 am (UTC)

i think that needs to be an icon. Fanfiction: It makes mothers care. *g* I'll go read the fic tommorow when I have a bit more time :)
every Starbucks should have a polar bearscoradh on March 20th, 2005 12:23 pm (UTC)
I don't think she'd care quite so much if she actually read it...*coughs* Disownation, much? xD
(no subject) - kyasuriin on March 20th, 2005 02:58 pm (UTC) (Expand)
Caitcoralia13 on March 19th, 2005 10:51 am (UTC)
I'm glad you got it up! Yay for your triumph over the machine!
every Starbucks should have a polar bearscoradh on March 20th, 2005 12:23 pm (UTC)
And screwed up the links, of course. *rolls eyes* I am in PAIN.
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(no subject) - scoradh on March 20th, 2005 04:09 pm (UTC) (Expand)
Jax: harry/dracoimadra_blue on March 20th, 2005 08:53 am (UTC)
Oh, and my dear, you've just been recced by taradiane, who has well over 400 friends to her rec journal, silver_and_gold.

"Sob Story" was just recced to them. *beams at you* Here's the link:
every Starbucks should have a polar bearscoradh on March 20th, 2005 12:25 pm (UTC)
Wow, the two of us! We're pretty cool, huh? I must check her out! (...not like that).
(no subject) - imadra_blue on March 20th, 2005 02:05 pm (UTC) (Expand)
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gabbysun on March 20th, 2005 05:09 pm (UTC)
FIC! *attack* <3
Do you know of any good Shacklebolt fics? Basically the only ones I have seen are, like, Remus/Shacklebolt ones, and that just terrifies me. Because, well. Man. No.

1. Quiet, but resonant with power and strength. Not the sort of strength that broke bones and laughed, but the sort of strength that could smile in the face of hurricanes. Draco could not quite make up his mind as to which was more insane.

Wonderfully Pratchett-ian!

2. chirruping of the numerous insects that were tipped to take over the planet when humankind finally blew itself up

HAH. Prolly right. And fundamentalists, too.

3. Harry could not see very well in the dark, despite being forced to eat all of Dudley's vegetables for him as a child.

Tell that to my mom. :(

4. Draco was sitting up in bed, enthusiastically masticating beans on toast

'Masticating' is the best word ever.

5. I didn't know you could pierce there. Oh god, yuck. I will not look at it again! Oh jeez. It's like a car-crash...why would anyone...okay, Harry, belt up!


6. In his dream, Hermione had been crying because someone had stolen her copy of 'Hogwarts: A History'

Sorry nothing got quoted before this; I got too involved in the fic. xD;

7. Harry took it anyway.


8. 'Because,' Draco said, suddenly sliding down Harry's legs to sit down hard on his lap, 'I reckon you should just make mine bigger, and sleep in it with me.'

GOSH. This sent shivers up my spine. EEEEE.

9. During the day, they watched television, while Draco made scathing statements about the actors and presenters, or went into the garden, where Harry gardened and Draco made scathing statements about Harry's technique, or messed about in the kitchen, as Draco made scathing statements about Harry's skill with an eggbeater.


10. And in spite of it all, Harry thought he might just be falling in love with Draco Malfoy, flawed and broken as he was


11. 'What?' Harry said, startled. 'You mean to say - you weren't in Gryffindor?'

'Why, Harry,' Dumbledore laughed. 'Whatever gave you that idea?'


AIEE, this was unbelievably gorgeous. SO WONDERFUL. And it was so utterly in character. WOW.
every Starbucks should have a polar bearscoradh on March 20th, 2005 05:21 pm (UTC)
Re: FIC! *attack* <3
You compared me to the God Pterry! *is gobsmacked* That's it, I'm kidnapping you and taking you home and showering you with pearls and things!!

Um, though, please say you didn't think Draco killed himself in the end? Please. Because he didn't. And a ton of people thought he did. Scary.

I will look for some nice Shacklebolt fics. He's done well in the Shoebox Project (see links) but he's not the main character...
Re: FIC! *attack* <3 - gabbysun on March 20th, 2005 05:41 pm (UTC) (Expand)
Re: FIC! *attack* <3 - scoradh on March 21st, 2005 03:28 am (UTC) (Expand)