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Better lyrical wax than no wax at all!

*in which Rachel gets protective of her OTP*

*and is also doped up to the eyeballs on H/D badfic*

Please, can somebody tell me where the godawful adjective 'cute' came from - what festering, stinking hole it crawled out of? Because I want to shove it back in oh so badly.

Fair enough, I accept that Americans use it in the sense of, 'Oh, he's so cute!' etc. I would like to think that they stop that after the age of three but I'm reliably informed that it's not the case. I was once told that 'cute' applies to four things: kittens, puppies, babies and teddy-bears, c'est tout, and I've stuck to that. It works because it is true.

Cultural and personal preferences aside, what on earth makes anyone think that, first off the mark, either Draco or Harry could be described as 'cute'? If I had to force that word onto a grown person, I'd probably choose...ehm...Orlando Bloom? Now, Draco looks like a rat; Harry, as myself and coralia13 have been reminding ourselves, wears glasses (odd how Draco never picks on him about that, isn't it? So obvious JK doesn't wear 'em) and has horrendous hair. Oh, that's cute? For crying out loud, let us say it together: I think not.

And even leaving aside the physcial definition of 'cute'; this is the wangstiest ship in the fandom! Hello, a compliment from one to the other would, in all honesty, have to be dragged out of them by wild rampaging horses on LSD. I mean, sure, they might think stuff, but please tell me that the key word is grudgingly. And it'd be more like, 'I have to admit Potter/Malfoy can fly well or has an interesting jawline' than *cue fluttering eyelashes* 'He's stho cute! Eleventy-one'.

*is weak*

...'cute' is so catch-all and generic. True, often the ship is catch-all and generic and freakin' leather-obsessed - but it has its moments of such brilliance; why do people insist on continually tarnishing that?

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