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There probably is no excuse for this, so I'm not going to proffer one

Greetings from possibly the only OC fan on the planet who hasn’t seen any of the second series - and considering how the first series ended, well, I’m digesting that. Certain people cried (and not just me - I mean on the show). In the spirit of sharing and whatnot I thought I’d chat about the extras, make a little love, get down tonight. People may have seen them or are entirely disinterested in them, that’s why the lovely lj-cut was invented. Obviously. Just for me, right here, right now.

In un-spoiler-ish news: one can see Rachel buying the soundtrack in the near future. The songs are amazingly in tune (hee) with my preferred sound - whatever that is, precisely. I have exactly forty quid to my name; this time next week I’ll have twenty euro less, but that’s the swings and roundabouts of life. Adam Brody can’t understand why they won’t feature Cher.

I love Sandy. He’s great. Peter Gallagher is exactly the same in RL from the interviews - sort of jumpy-eyed. But cool. I wish my dad were like that sooo much. I have grown to love his sheepdog hair and buggy eyes immensely.

Speaking of hair - whoa. I mean, this has to be the most TV I’ve watched in succession since I was six, back when there about three cartoons on during the holidays that I was stuck to. It took some adjustment on my part; I was getting nauseous from the way the hairstyles kept changing, particularly Marissa’s and Kirsten’s. I don’t know what they hoped to gain from showing them less-than-perfectly coiffed - all those times when The Hair Was Kinky? Oof. Just - no.

Josh Swartz - Creator Guy - didn’t want Adam Brody on the show! He turned up to his audition with none of the lines learnt and Josh said he never wanted to see him ever again. Fortunately for all of us, the other producer dude said he was the one everyone would fall in love with and brought him back. Good call, that man.

In his interview thing, he chewed gum. Adam Brody and Seth Cohen seem pretty alike, except that the former knows just how pretty and cool he is - it shows. He’s all, ‘I’m so chilled, I’m a milkshake’. To be expected, of course - that he’s a spoiled brat, I mean.

The ‘real’ people who went to Harbour school (should I say Harbor? I just did. Never again) - quite ugly, to be honest! Was quite amused to hear, though, that ‘Welcome to the OC, bitch!’ became the catchphrase in Newport for a while there. Oh, and no one from the OC calls it ‘the’ OC.

I liked the ending of the series. I like that both Seth and Ryan were TEARING. I’d be quite happy to leave it there - let’s face it, I have to. The next DVD set won’t be out for months, I’m way behind on terrestrial and while living half-way up a mountain may have its benefits in clean living and, uh, fresh air it also spells doom for those who’d care for some Sky or broadband coverage.

As a series - well, I may be biased from watching it all in a lump. It showed up the imperfections way more than I imagine it would otherwise. It seemed that ‘party’ was the plotline for every second - every, even - show and that Caleb was always bailing Sandy out of something or vice versa. Which, let’s face it, got wearisome episode after episode. The whole Ryan/Marissa storyline was less than scintillating at best. I haven’t quite bought into the whole Marissa!hate that everyone seems to catch; I just find her dull, repetitive and really deep-voiced - dude! (Mischa Barton was on another of the company’s TV shows before this - wow, nepotism, much?) She looks rather like a cat, I feel. I quite like cats, just - not in human form.

I also couldn’t warm to Ryan. He’s so ungrateful - every time Sandy tries to help him he’s all ‘Oh, I’m so tough and independent and, like, from Chino, dude’. Would it kill him - or the scriptwriters - to have him actually act like a scared sixteen-year-old for once? Just to break down and accept some help and god, talk about things? He has this thing where he stares sideways. It will lead to chiropractic problems in future, I’m absolutely certain and it does not make up for dialogue.

OC - could we go for Outta Character? They all changed so much in the series. Maybe that’s how it was meant to go and yeah, I like Julie Cooper and Summer better because of it, I can respect The Bitch, but talk about about-faces. We also did not get much evidence of Seth’s background as a bullied loser; he doesn’t seem so cut up about it.

I liked that the script was cyclical - the characters constantly saying old lines. Quite clever, even if it does bring to mind the Heineken ad for ‘If there’s a will’ - the one where your man says they’ll never make Groundhog Day because he wrote the same script three times? It’s a bit like that, the OC script. But not so much that I’d say, ‘Not even once. Not even once. Not even once.’

On that note, I cannot believe they censored the wanking line. Honestly! I’m going to write it down here, ohmygill, because I can and it’s also a good note to end on.

SUMMER: You could just lie there, like a buffet - and I could pick from you!

Seth is all ‘no’.

SETH: *to his hand, when Summer is gone* Just you and me, leftie. *speaks as his hand* Ooh, I’m tired. *as himself* I don’t care!

Come on, that was good. Bloody Janet Jackson and the eighteenth-century voice of American morals.

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