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I know where you live. It needs new carpets.

Oh college, how do I adore thee? Let me count the ways...

To the length of your unfinished blast concrete, depth of your unwashed fugly parquet floors and height of the random glass inserts on the roof that my love can reach...

*brightly* On said concrete walls, there's posted the following message:

The Metal Prophet condemns all those who listen to pop or punk or rock music.

Only those who listen to metal will be saved.

God may forgive you for your music-listening sins, but the Metal Prophet won't.

Great, so that makes, so far: God, Satan -- because I just annoy him with the incessant questions on my daytrips to hell, like I do everyone else -- Buddha for not being able to meditate for longer than five seconds and, now, the Metal Prophet.

Rachel would care to see the Metal Prophet in the ... metal. He has a yahoo group!

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