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That's why you always rave on about singing nuns and yodelling

There is nothing to drink in my house except tap-water and gill knows where that comes from. The river at the end of the garden, prolly -- not reassuring considering the number of cows in the fields hereabouts. *shifty eyes* Ergo I have been reduced to drinking Rose Lambrusca, or Lambrusca Rose, with a little slanty thing over the e. Which brings me to an anecdote -- oh yay! My friends are such alcoholics that when we were having a discussion about botanics, none of them could pronounce the word 'rose' without accenting the 'e' -- ie, referencing the ALCOHOL. Yes, Mars, I'm looking at you, MUAH. I'm so not an alcoholic. *hides empty bottle of Vodka Lambrusca*

I found Gravitation in Eason today and promptly bought it. I'm geekily excited, although I don't see what is so geeky -- in the negative sense -- about excitement, of any kind. I know Gravitation mightn't be the greatest shonen-ai manga ever -- it says it's Toyko Pop's most popular but then again this is Tokyo Pop; my impression of them is that they'd rec any dogfight -- but it's shonen-ai. That is the cogent point. Shonen-ai in Eason, which a year ago didn't stock manga; which two months ago only stocked three titles: AI, Chobits and Rave Master. I just hope they don't decide to do a Chobits on me, in other words stock Number One and then decide it's an amazingly brilliant idea to stock Six and Seven with no hint of any in between editions. *facepalm* What am I saying? This is Ireland. Of course they will do precisely that.

I saw a Gravitation icon once. I think I saved it to My Pictures, even. *dances*


Oh, look, shut up, the lot of ye.

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