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This entry was brought to you by the letter guilt

kabeyk, minnow_53, sephiroth01, oneminutemovies, fourth_rose, numena, a_linz, lanitha, cryptid, much_reality, coralia13 and darlin' Duke.

I mean, honestly, could you not have mentioned that you were closet Wise Women? Talk about hiding your light under a bushel. Jeez, louise.

Honoured to know you chaps. Overwhelmed by how sensible you are. How you put up with having an incontinent labrador (moi) on your flist, I dunno, but, like, cheers?

I'm not going to promise that I won't be sad again, or even that I won't wibble post. I hate it when I do it and mean it; fortunately it's only been a few times. It's none of your jobs to pick up my pieces.

But as a tribute, mainly because it might just work, I'm going to try to be better so I can be worthy of all of you.

ANNNND not on that note.

o.O There is no German in Queen of Hearts. I am not even kidding. I can't speak it. Aside from the obvious Volkswagon and "Ein Reich ein volk ein Hitler". Smythe (heedlyhee, Sm-eye-th) uses Italian and Belinda French, but ... German? cynicalpirate, you snuck it in on the sly, didn't ya, because you have that thing for blonde braids and hats wiv' horns on 'em.</span>


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