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Avert your eyes, o ye of little faith

I. Look, I never thought I'd say this, but there is such thing as an "unslashable" character. Not even in the sense of "God, that's an unappealing pairing" as I find, say, Dumbledore/Ollivander to be. There's no accounting for taste, presumably because everyone knows what accountants wear to work. However. Carrot. Oh please no. It's wrong, so, so wrong, on so many levels. I can take people slashing Vetinari and Vimes, although I can't see why -- Vimes is a man without a smidgeon of romance in his entire, copper-plated soul, from my reading of him. And Vetinari is Drumknott's. QED. But I cannot take anyone slashing Carrot with anyone. Upchuck reflex, meet my monitor. I'm sure you'll have a fine old time together.

II. </a></a>slashfest , a promotion. You can put in requests! For a rainbow coalition of fandoms! And my, if that isn't an apt term I don't know what is. All hailing The Slash. Really, if you're a fan, you shouldn't still be here. You can never say there isn't something you'd like to see written ... go forth and pimp like mad pimping things, my pretties!


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