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The standing joke of the year

Dude. David Gray/Dido = OTP.

So this was going to be a big, whiny, emo rant about how much of an anorak I am for liking Rod Stewart and despising 50 Cent and/or the Pussycat Dolls, but I figure people already know that without my revealing any more of my uncool musical gaffes. Word perfect on half of Rod's hits and owns a Good Charlotte album, wot?

Instead, a rec. God knows, it's my second, is it? Damn, of course, no one goes on lj on Sundays *frets* that's God coming through, you know, much as he's written "Ha, I'm here after all, suxxers!" on non-coding DNA. Still, it's rather appropriate given the rec.

studies of god (and of harry and draco), by fivil.

It's like the thinking gal's slash, or something. An AU fic in which Harry and Draco are students of a Finnish university doesn't even begin to cover it. Harry is as deeply enmeshed in his philosophy as he is in fighting evil in canon; Draco is just as much of a ice-cool bastard, only this time he's an ultra-cool economics student as well. The tragedy in it -- how'd you guess it wasn't fluff? -- is that Harry is equally, if not more, to blame for the problems in his relationship as Draco. The writing is deceptively simple; I found a lot of clever AU twists in there.

Heh, well. If you were me you'd read it like a shot, but in the end recs are a way of saluting writers, not helping them to gather accolades. Particularly if you're rec'ing on a small flist. *salutes fivil, anyway*
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