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How do they KNOW all snowflakes are unique?

If you do nothing else for your fandom today, go read this. It's Harry/Draco, distilled to just about its purest and most honest form (like the best vodkas) -- plus, kabeyk wrote it. Need I say more?


I would very much like to become an anime whore, if only I could find some decent anime. My friend lent me Neon Genesis; Evangelion, which is about forty shades of crap. A cross between Ender's Game and Power Rangers, with a neatly scheduled wankfest every episode. ("This ceiling ... is unfamiliar to me. But ... every ceiling ... is unfamiliar to me." In short, Shinji and ceilings have had a brief and tempestuous relationship wherein Shinji got drunk on various occasions, tried to chat up the ceiling and went to work the next day with it none the wiser. Well, not really, but it at least would have been minutely more interesting if that had happened.)

(Plus, what is with the random outbursts of crazy? I think the Japanese have a completely different outlook on humour than ... well, me. I find chibis wierd more than I do cute. *ducks tomatoes*)

On the other hand, I seem to have stumbled on a website with Prince of Tennis downloads. A random forum was divided between people saying, 'This anime has the massive sucketh, it is boring beyond measure, TENNIS EW EW EW" and other people going, "Ooh, it's so FUNNY and GOOD and 120 episodes of fake-looking anime tennis, God is vely good to us", so it reminds me a little of people's reactions to this book about a school for wizards ... but it was the guarantee of bishounen that sold me.

As for manga, I have an impressive collection of Chobits (x2), Gravitation (x2) and Eerie Queerie (x1). Yes, Waterstones has started to stock manga, I pause to listen to the rainbows singing -- but ALL FOUR outlets in Cork sell the EXACT SAME TITLES. What gives? Still, at least there's the scanlations sites, although I swear graphic artists are like 90% of fanficcers ie, not knowing the difference between hetsex and boisex. Or thinking there isn't a difference. Or something. Tired? Me too.

I wish I didn't have so many plotlines for Big Bang 2 ... and college is vastly draining. The prospectuses never mentioned how much of your time you spend sitting in lectures soaked through due to walking in the rain. Teleportation is the only answer.

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