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And in fandom today we learned ...

So I read ALL THIRTY-THREE PAGES, and I had to do this.

It is a form of celebration, given that samenashi's last anon meme nearly spooked me out of fandom. And bookshop's didn't. Frankly because the first half of it was like reading half-a-dozen lj entries, which is not what I'd call terrifying.

1) Fandom does not like underscores. Really does not like. In a terminal way, almost.

2) Ditto being asked to confirm that it's human.

(We get it. Srsly.)

3) Things I'm involved in have come under mild flak both times. First big_bang_hd the first, now serpentinelion. *falls to knees* WHY, GOD, WHY? WAS IT BECAUSE I LIED WHEN I WAS SEVENTEEN?

4) The fact that bookshop was publicly dissing the Big Bang Two fics was reassuring. Very reassuring. In fact it was so reassuring that I can't think what to say next about it, only that it was ... reassuring.

5) I can totally see how ;_; looks like a walrus! It's the tusks, people!

6) I would so post all of this there, which would prolly annoy peeps because I wouldn't be anon, but it's ruddy FULL. Life so hard.

7) I found out who sings the 'I've been to paradise but I've never been to me' song, which rocks.

8) I need to go edit my hp_springsmut, but it's kind of like that or bed. Decisions, decisions.
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