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How I miss my GI Joe. He loved pate, hot jazz, and me.

Okay, peeps, it's that time of, er, day again. I WANTER KNOW STUFF.

Q1) What the hell is this 'enabler' thing? As in 'blast you, you vile enablers' etc. OH GOD SOMEONE TELL ME  BEFORE I BURST.

Ans) *

Q2) Tablets. Oh arteestes, I am assuming that this isn't you scraping on a big hunka burning stone (I know, I'm kind of steeped in Catholic imagery, so the first thing I think of when someone says 'I used a tablet' is Moses and the Commandments (10). Or that might be Jewish, I DO NOT KNOW).

Ans) *

* This is where you lot come in.

Today, I was told that I was a very happy person and that it rubbed off and this was a Good thing (Pageant Peter) and received a declaration of love. WHO KNEW THAT HATING VEGETUBBLES COULD GET YOU THAT SORT OF THUNG. HUH. NOT ME.

(I offered to cheer on Pageant Peter in his interpretive dance that he WILL do for me by throwing vegetables, including organic carrots, even though they are hard to come by and disgusting. Plus addedendum that I hate all vegetables and fruit ever invented. Cue David saying, "You don't like any vegetables? That's incredible!" and me replying, "That's the first time I've been called incredible," and David adding, "But I LOVE you."

I will not be having any blind dates with veggies, I don't care, though.)

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