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Colour me insipid

How can one person make you feel happy and like they're driving a knife through your heart at the same time? I'd kill for an off-switch to my feelings. Literally get out an AK-47 and run amok.

Actually, though, this post was meant to host (what else?) a question. This time, regarding how 'good looks' are presented in stories, books -- anything where there's no straight visual reference. Most of the time at least one of my characters is 'good-looking,' but only in the context of the person whose POV I'm writing. I also shy away from supplying too much detail, as I find it personally stifling. Half the time I won't even mention eye colour, hair colour or physical characteristics. It reminds me too much of all those chicklit authors who have such a penchant for chest hair and air-bag muscles in their heroes; it puts me right off, because I have an obscene love for weedy, lanky Adam Brody and his ken.

So, any of you who read (and I'll assume all of you do, otherwise why the hell have you got a livejournal?), do's a favour and say yay, I like mucha descripta when it comes to the lovely lovelies, or nay, I prefer it left blank so I can fill in my own details about what makes someone a hunka hunka burnin' love in the looks department. (Call it your good deed for the day, because it'll cheer me up no end.)

My flatmates may be brain-dead morons and skangers to boot, but they're right about one thing.

Rashers? ARE SEXUAL.

And so is this.


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