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My flat -- like living with five Mrs Rochesters

According to this week's Style, we bloggers are entitled to call ourselves 'citizen journalists,' if we feel so inclined. (Not that I think of myself as a blogger anyway -- I'm an ljer if I'm anything. But meh.)

Also, according the conservative American Right, the devious wiles by which BBM infiltrated the hearts and minds of Americans across the continent? Were, and I quote, achieved by RAPING the MALBORO MAN.

Who sued Malboro for his lung cancer, you know.

My new gastrointestinal physiology lecturer goes by the name 'Eamonn MM Quigley'. Put it up on his slides and everything. Every time he asked, "Now, does anyone have a question?" I felt a terrible urge to ask, "Will the real Slim Shady please stand up?"

I was drawing Harry and Draco chibi in Sociology (as you do) and, as a direct result, was outed as a H/D shipper. Fortunately only the girl who asked me if I was one had any idea what one was, so -- phew.

And three boys told me that my new haircut was, "Nice," "Snazzy," and "Lovely." My head is so fat right now ...
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