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On ships

I read gunderpants's 'Slag off your OTP' post and this is what inspired my current ruminations.

I really am a ship dilettante. I'd whore myself out to any pairing if it looked like someone interesting would read it. I know that sounds kind of funky, but if I have any ambition in life it is to be all things to all people. It also comes off as unbearably smug -- my writing is okay, occasionally even good, but nothing special -- and certainly not enough to make people fawningly grateful that I've written in their ship. Still, that doesn't stop my interest perking at impassioned manifestos in favour of better Harry/Luna or Remus/Tonks, many of which were to be found in that particular post.

Loyalty has never been a key point of my character. I serve my own interests first and only. I would write a fic for anyone if they really wanted it, but I would always do my damndest to make it as good as possible so that everyone else who read it would be equally appreciative. (That's the plan, anyway.) Plus, I'd twist it to suit myself. E.g. If they asked for a Snape!ship, I'd turn it into something else.

Also, I'd always rather write an interesting story than a canonically correct one. I write H/D more than anything else, but I hardly know anything about them -- I totally forgot the Sectumsempra spell, for example. I just don't speculate. I often wonder why on earth I'm in fandom. I'm rather incurious as a rule; comes from being so self-absorbed, I suppose. 

Silly, really. It's not like I have a choice in the way I write. I've managed to clean up the grammar and stylistic errors to a greater or lesser extent, but I read about people asking for 'twisted', 'bitter', and 'dysfunctional' fics (especially re: Remus/Tonks) and realised I just couldn't write twisted, bitter or dysfunctional. Not without also making it humorous, gentle and romantic. 

Plus, they were all adamant that they did NOT want multi-coloured werewolf babies, which frankly cuts off my fic ideas root and branch. Woe. Multi-coloured woe.
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