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09 July 2006 @ 11:48 pm
A rec of magnificent proportions  
Some of you may have heard me sound off at times about what I want out of fic in general, and H/D fic in particular. These desires include, but are not limited to, skillful writing, a sound grasp of characterisation, a story that includes sex instead of revolving around it, pretty kissing and plenty of UST.

I've finally found my perfect story.

Draco's Boy, by empathic_siren.

It's an AU where Harry and Draco are next-door neighbours. It charts their friendship as children and adolescents and is, well, an absolute joy to read. Draco is still Draco, without the evil filter; Harry is a beguiling combination of sweetness and toughness. I wanted to pull Narcissa and Snape out of the screen and hug them for being so great.

I don't want to squee as much as I could, for fear people will accuse me of building it up excessively. Sure, it has its faults, but as you read you can see the writer improve and eliminate many of them. That's heartening, if nothing else. And consider this quote from her:

I'd like to think that a decision like that for two teenage boys is far more difficult, and that deciding to go forward despite their confusion, terror, or insecurities means something. It is a deliberate act with far reaching consequences. To know all of the terrible things that could happen and to still choose the path of love/relationships . . . sigh . . . it's the stuff of Shakespeare, really. I mean, what's the point of working up to that first kiss if there's nothing to lose? The reward is far sweeter.

I can only say: Word.

Go, give it a chance. I've turned off comments because I don't need to be told if you love it -- she does.
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