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14 April 2006 @ 11:36 pm
PoT Rec List  
PoT Rec List


* Are you there, Karupin? It's me, Kaidoh by garlandgraves

Summary: Growing up is hard.

Why you should read this: Two words: gross and burning. No, they're not a description -- read the fic and if you don't laugh up a lung, come to my hospital and I can give you a pill.

* 90% Perspiration by prillalar

Summary: Kaidoh does Momo a favour.

Why you should read this: My first MomoKai, and still one of my favourites. It made me stick my fingers in my mouth to stop the squee. It's just so darling.

* Somebody Else's Hand by prillalar

Summary: Momoshiro, Kaidoh, broken chalk, sexual gratification.

Why you should read this: Because it just is Momo, it just is Kaidoh, it just is how you want them.

* We're Havin' a Heat Wave by prillalar

Summary: The temperature's rising, it isn't surprising.

Why you should read this: Just as hot as Momo's house without a/c. Yet for all that, not very explicit. If you're one with the fumbly love, this will make you go YES. (A lot.)


* 300 by prillalar

Summary: Inui wonders why.

Why you should read this: I found it to be, quite simply, one of the most moving things I've ever read. Hal has an incredible talent for describing just how confusing it is to be fourteen in the most exquisite language.


* Subterfuge by prillalar

Summary: none

Why you should read this: It's only a ficlet, but that only makes it the more amazing that Hal fit so much into it. One of the many slices of stories by Hal that make you want to stick around for the whole cake.


* Playing Grown Ups by soundczech

Summary: Tezuka assumes he has been forgotten.

Why you should read this: It's beautiful, powerful, evocative. True to life. Teenager's struggles in adult's language. Shows Tezuka pretty much how I see him -- horribly confused under that Ice Ice Baby facade. And this is one well-written Ryoma. Phew.
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