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Me Tarzan, you Jane hoi hoi (brought to you from the Seme!Eiji support group)

Shiny. moshi, darling, I owe you a greater debt than I can ever repay.

I like the new songs even better. However, I have to wonder what's up with the lyrics -- are these just random pop songs spliced into the credits? Consider the following:

No matter where, the feelings about you
Are hidden away because of my weakness
These feelings ride in every wind

Yes, I know Prince of Tennis brings the gay, you know Prince of Tennis brings the gay -- but. Do the producers of the programme know it brings the gay too?

Right on!

That happens to be my favourite song. I saved Episode 48 to my hard-drive so that I could play it over and over and dance to it and so on. (It makes for a great cha-cha.)

The programme keeps getting funnier and funnier. Not to mention that the tennis sequences are considerably more polished, with glowing things going on and bouncy music. Back at the start -- when it was just a head sliding across the screen with the sound of running feet -- that was considerably odd, I have to admit.

I wrote down a bunch of quotes I lessthanthree'd more than life itself:

Inui's juice! Doesn't just contain vegetables!

Damn right it doesn't. Sperm is full of protein, too.

(… come on, I can't be the only one who thought that about that.)

You sexual harasser! [to Nanjiroh]

Perfection encapsulated. Nanjiroh's creepy crab-walk was a sight to behold.

Tennis isn't the only thing in life.

Yes, Ryoma, there's also gay sex. But don't worry -- we've got that covered.

Bitch! [Mizuki to Fuji]


And Fuji's protectiveness (er) is kind of cute. 'You hurt my brother? You go to the bad place now!'

(Only avec elegance, because Fuji falls foul of having to be elegant. I thought he just struggled with cool -- along with Tezuka -- but no, he's elegant too. Never mind that his hair looks like a beaded lampshade. He is ELEGANT OMG.)

A sticky match.

I can't remember which one this was -- early in the twenties, I think -- but it doesn't matter anyway. Because they are obviously not referring to a tennis match. Oh no.

Those two [Momo and Kaidoh] have been going at it since they joined the team.

You can say that again.

Those two have been going at it since they joined the team.


When I was fourteen, 'it' only meant one thing. While it did involve balls, it did not involve matches or umpires or Pete Sampras.

The ball hits the sweet spot.

No-o, of course that's not a euphemism for the prostate.

I'll keep you company all night. [Mizuki to Yuuta]

Jesus H. Christ. (H stands for horny.) Blatant is not the word.

Except that it is.

That's Momoshiro Takeshi. He killed someone!

I don't think I've laughed so hard at anything in a manga before or since, and seeing/hearing it in the round was even better.

Is Momo worried about Viper?

Yes, he is.

Amongst other things.

It's not like there are black whales.

Oh Kaidoh, my heart.

However, there are some lines that need to be not so much cut as scorched with a flamethrower until dead. The ones I particularly abhor are:

Sakuno saying 'Ryoma-kun' at random intervals, in a tone that suggests impending kidney failure. At least add 'you're so fine you blow my mind' or something, girl.

Kachiro going 'Awesome.' GET. A. THESAURUS.

'What a guy!' -- repeated far too often by the three fanboys. I mean poolboys. No, I mean ballboys. (Yeah, that's not suggestive at all.) Does anyone actually ever say 'What a guy!' I honestly can't picture it. 'He just performed open-heart surgery in under three minutes!' 'Really? What a guy!' Um, NO.

Is Sengoku Japan's token leprechaun? I mean really. He is also the most annoying character in the series so far. No, it's not lucky to win games when you have an immense back-up in the form of natural talent and daily practice. Never mind a thesaurus -- this one needs a dictionary.

Note to Tomo-chan: never mind Echizen -- Kaidoh's sleeping face is the cutest Japanese export since Hello Kitty. I think you're a wee bit blind biased, love.

But Oishi is my sweetheart. I think his 'head-fangs' (thank you, reposoir) are darling. Then when he got stampeded by autograph-hunting females and blushed -- oh, be still, my beating heart! I'm in love. With someone who doesn't even exist.

Bet Eiji can make him blush more though, hoi. Excellent handholding on court. Top marks. Never mind winning matches, can they just go around doing that a bit more?

Akutsu definitely plays the most interesting game of tennis. He's ever so … stretchy, is he not? And … bendy. With the body of a minor Greek god. Phew. No wonder he already has a devoted fangirlboy. I love the idea of Akutsu/Dan, but it has to be the porniest ship in existence. Dan's so innocent he'd let Akutsu get away with anything, and Akutsu would do anything. THE. HEADBAND. What's next -- knicker-sniffing? (See what I mean? PORN.)

Kirihara, you make the best spy ever. 'Why are you here?' 'Oh, I'm spying. Aren't I cute? Do you fancy going someplace more private where we can make out like mofos play tennis, Tezuka? Or … anyone?'

It rather reminds me of the clip on TV for yet another season of Bond movies. 'Do you expect me to talk?' 'No, Mr Bond, I expect you to die!' So do I, come to that, but he's thus far failed to oblige me. WTF is up with that. Old age should have nailed him by now, if nothing else.

In further support of the Prince of Tennis producers bringing the gay, there seems to be a lot of random girl-bashing going on. I don't know why the boys are doing it (or more to the point, why the girls are letting them) -- maybe that's just Japan? Ginka torturing Sakuno. ('Do you expect me to talk?' 'No, I expect you to squeak 'Ryoma-kun' like a broken Furby because hell, woman, you just keep doing that.') And Atobe bitching up An. WHY? What's the reasoning behind it? Aside from an anti-het pressure group sending death threats to Konomi, that is. It just seems so randomly vicious.

Ah, Atobe. He doesn't look like a monkey, Ryoma. He doesn't look like he's wearing lip gloss either, fandom. I feel grossly misinformed about Atobe. Also he and Tachibana may be related because of the moles?

Kabaji = the Incredible Hulk. That is all.

I still wonder about the name of this programme. Is 'Prince of Tennis' meant to cover everyone in it? I was reading some sports physiology since the last post I made about this and it did say that good sports players 'self-select' based on their physiology. Like, marathon runners often have genetically bigger hearts before they ever start -- then, they're magically drawn towards marathon running. I'm sure it works for tennis too. I also realise that the show wouldn't be interesting without skilled opponents for Seigaku, but … it verges on unbelievable at times. Like all the time. Still, as long as their skills off-court are equally shared I'm not bothered.

I don't get the multiplicity of people wearing glasses either. A large portion of fandom finds it hot. I can't, because I wear glasses and is it ever a drag. But as far as tennis goes, you need top visual acuity. Even if you did have impaired vision, surely you'd wear contacts so that at least you'd have a full field of vision while you played?

Shiba makes me feel very good about myself. She's about the same age as me but she goes ga-ga for teenage boys too. Or, as she puts it, 'adult LO-VE.'

(Well, if we’re going to be precise, it's them I want to have the adult LO-VE. And then they should let me watch. But we shan't quibble over minor details.)
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